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The development of industrial enzymes should be guided on two main interrelated aspects: productivity and enzyme efficiency in action. PERSOZYME is a service which is characterized by the development of customized enzymes, and therefore these enzymes will be developed to work optimally in synergy with ongoing industrial processes once such enzymes are created to satisfy the variables of industrial processes in production plants, pH, retention time and temperature.

The PERSOZYME platform is a technology developed in VERDARTIS which enables the manipulation of the expression vector of the enzyme by directed evolution to increase productivity in addition to adapting the enzyme to the process, enhancing its features in order to adapt to the physicochemical requirements of each industrial process, reducing the amount needed to perform the process.

Currently, VERDARTIS company is working on the development of xylanases, amylases and endoglucanases, constantly pursuing the improvement of its enzyme production technology and the expansion of its portfolio

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