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Molecular Engineering

The Molecular Engineering division at VERDARTIS has as main activity to engineer enzymes with predetermined characteristics given by the clients, consisting this the service called PersoZyme. Another activity is the creation of robust expression systems for the production of heterologous enzymes.

The top notch technological platform is defined by the use of advanced techniques of molecular biology, among them the Directed Evolution of Enzymes.

The Directed Evolution imitates the in vitro the Darwinian evolution process, in which a class of a determined biomolecule (i.e.: enzymes, fertilizers, drugs) is originated, producing a library of partially alike copies named gene diversity.

This diversity can be then submitted to a selection process of catalytic and thermodynamic properties of the enzyme, which translate into necessary characteristics of the enzyme for industrial use, among them: thermal stability, specificity by biomass, pH and others.

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