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VERDARTIS – Biotechnology Development was founded in August 2007, establishing as a university spin-off and supplying services. More precisely services related to the development of innovative products and processes in the area of biotechnology. The company has developing technologies that involve the use of enzymes in industrial processes. Currently the company is focused on the rational development of enzymes to act in processes of biorefineries of the sugar and ethanol sector and of the paper and cellulose sector.

The company counts with experienced researches in the areas of molecular simulation applied to biomolecular, molecular biology and fermentation processes. It is in this multidisciplinary research environment that VERDARTIS is consolidating its competitive advantages and of its clients, proposing innovative technologies.

VERDARTIS counts with investments from FAPESP, by its program Pesquisa Inovativa na Pequena e Micro Empresa (PIPE) which means Innovative Research in the Small and Micro Company. The calling of the company to innovate permitted, for instance, to be the first brazilian company to develop enzymes specific for biorefineries. In partnership with FAPESP, the company is developing enzymes for the use in biobleaching process f cellulose and for the enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocelluloses (sugarcane bagasse and Wood), incrementing the production of fermentable sugars for the production of bioethanol.

“To be a leader company in personalized products in biotechnology, using technological innovation to aggregate value to the businesses of the company and of the clients”   

“Our mission is to develop innovative and personalized products and services for our clients, meet their specific needs, guaranteeing quality and respect to the environment while promoting the competitiveness of the company and of our clients.”

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