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VERDARTIS seeks to incorporate and develop strategic and innovative methodologies to fortify its technological basis boosting its competitive advantage.

With this purpose, the company is always developing the ARTIZIMA a bioinformatics tool, used to control the huge number of clones that are evaluated experimentally during the Directed Evolution (between 103 and 106).

This tool will be capable of performing molecular simulations which can evaluate which residues, in specific positions, are important in the maintenance of the enzymatic structure at high temperatures, and in the maintenance of the catalytic function.

The use of the tool by the molecular engineering division of the company will provide the possibility to accelerate cycles of Directed Evolution, minimizing the time needed to develop a specific enzyme for a determined function, which in this case are enzymes that support high temperatures.

This innovative strategy which incorporates Theoretical Chemistry techniques, such as a molecular simulator, and molecular engineering makes it possible to limit the number of amino acids subject to random mutagenesis.

The synergy between ARTIZIMA and mutagenesis results in a drastic reduction of the sample of the best substitutions of amino acids among a big quantity of possibilities to spawn an enzyme, in other words, 20 elevated to the number of amino acids of the enzyme.

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